and this year’s Super Bowl ad

Note: This post is from a previous blog about teaching technology at an all girls school.  That blog was entitled “Girls. Technology. Action!” and ran during 2008.

When will the advertisers and executives at learn?  Women design websites.  Women own domain names.  Women buy web hosting.  In case there is any doubt, let’s visit the statistics.  This moment, The Center for Women’s Business Research, reports that 10.4 million firms in the US are considered “women owned.”  Among women who own businesses, 83% are “personally involved in selecting and purchasing technology” for their businesses.

Taking all of this into account, I can’t figure out why keeps trying to use breasts to sell web services.   Just last month, I had to select a web services provider from which to buy two SSL certificates. was the cheapest option, but they aren’t interested in my money – I’m a woman.  I refuse to fund this company and encourage you to withhold your funds as well.  If we want young women to consider careers in technology, this type of company sets us back and mocks our goals.   Let me be clear, my issue here is not with the use of sex to sell a product.  My issue is that blatantly ignores the fact that women could be their customers.  So, I won’t be one of theirs.  Digicert, here I come with my business and credit card!


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