I currently work at Teachers College, Columbia University supporting the Klingenstein Center’s programs for Independent and International School Educators.  I graduated from the Klingenstein Center’s master’s degree program in 2013.  Before that I worked at Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh, NC wearing many hats over twelve years. In that time I was able to develop and teach technology courses, including AP Computer Science, teach Chemistry, serve as an advisory and residential faculty member, streamline operations by replacing five separate databases with a single solution, create a new faculty/staff orientation program, launch a new website, produce an admission video series, and design, launch and oversee a one-to-one tablet PC program for all students and faculty. After graduate school, I served for two years as the Director of Operations at Harlem Village Academies High School where I oversaw facilities, safety, student services, communications, scheduling, and acted as registrar, AP Coordinator, and IB Coordinator.

The common themes in all my jobs have been teaching, technology, and organizational efficiency.  In 2008, while still in NC, I created this blog as a place to examine and explore many questions: What can we do to interest girls in STEM fields? How to we teach differently when teaching girls in these fields? What are the best technology tools? How can I become better at Tiger Wood’s PGA tour on the Wii? Is there an App for this? How can I manage my email inbox? Why is the cat not bald when my Dyson is full of cat hair?  My attention to the blog waxes and wanes, but I hope there’s something here that interests you.

When I’m not working, I enjoy painting, reading, photography, knitting/crocheting, exploring the parks on NYC, and finding new restaurants where I can become a “regular.”


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