Note: This post is from a previous blog about teaching technology at an all girls school.  That blog was entitled “Girls. Technology. Action!” and ran during 2008.

Why start a blog to talk about girls and technology?  The number of women awarded degrees in Computer Science has dropped from a peak in 2006.  I teach AP Computer Science at a girls’ school.  I majored in Biology.  I loved Calculus.  I learned HTML and CSS so that I could teach girls how to code web sites.  I learned FLASH so that I could get girls more interested in learning more about technology.  I learned Java when six student wanted more technology classes.  My own life experience shows me that girls are capable of mastering subject matter in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, but are encouraged to focus on humanities and arts or change majors before earning their degree.  Today, I’m attending the STEM ThinkTank at Harpeth Hall where educators are gathering to talk about what we can do to keep girls interested in these subject areas.    Stay tuned.


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