Perfect… or Good… or Done.

Today, I unexpectedly had some down time and was reading Blended Leadership, one of the suggested readings for MSTU 4029.  That led me to visit the twitter feed and blog of Stephen Valentine, a colleague who is the coordinating editor of the Klingbrief newsletter I help to produce and co-author of Blended Leadership.  Reading though his twitter feed with an eye toward something I could share and write about, here I found a lot that I thought others should read but my attempts to reflect and tie things together fell flat. Calling upon the wisdom in one of the articles – I determined that the perfect couldn’t be the enemy of the complete, so I’m simply sharing a few high points from today’s reading.

One post, Unhook from the Anchors, explains the concept of anchoring – that a starting point influences your outcome – and talks about how unhooking anchors in a recent meeting broke a team out of a rut and allowed for processes to move forward.  It’s a great prompt to consider what might be framing your thinking and limiting your outcomes.

#MaximizingMeetings should be read by anyone planning a meeting.

A Cheap Guitar from Your Uncle reflects on the perfect vs. the good enough.

These three articles are just the start of good things I read today.  And thank you, Stephen, for some timely reminders about work, life, and leadership.



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