Now that the decision is made, the preparation must begin.   We’re moving from NC to NY so that I can attend graduate school at Columbia.  We’ve applied for student housing.  We know where we’re going to live in the ~6 weeks between needing to move out of our campus housing in NC and up to our campus housing (we hope) in NY.   But the decisions about what moves with us are upon us.   I’m reminded of TLC’s show Clean Sweep with their Keep, Sell, and Toss signs, only ours are Take to NY, Store in NC, Sell, and Toss.   Some of the “Take to NY” is easy; cat, coffeemaker, laptops.  Some of the “Store in NC” is easy: books, CDs, seldom used dishes.   The rest, I imagine will be harder.  Advice from people who live in small NY apartments appreciated!



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