GTD – notebook

Until recently, I hadn’t had any luck with electronic organizers or using a Filofax.  So, when I started trying to implement GTD, I didn’t want to invest a lot of cash or energy in the device.  I knew that I didn’t want to go with something as simple as the Hipster PDA either, as I needed to carry certain papers regularly.  So, for just a few dollars at Office Max, I put together my own planner.


Items need:

  • 1/2 inch, 3-ring binder
  • Avery peel-and-stick tabs
  • Sharpie Ultra-fine marker
  • Clear, 3-hole-punched folder to hold papers
  • Card stock for dividers
  • Loose leaf paper (I like gridded paper)

With these “ingredients,” I put together a thin, easy to carry notebook that held all my To-Do’s, Waiting For’s, Major Project Materials, and various Lists.   It worked very well for me until I started using my current method of Outlook/iPhone.  But, more about that tomorrow.

This notebook represents my first go at GTD and I can say enough how much the principles in this book helped me fight feeling overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.


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